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The following are some example blog posts and articles that have been published on Huffington Post, College Candy, KISSMetrics, VoloGlam Magazine, Elite Daily, and more.

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Why We Still Need Feminism

Feminists are not angry lesbians who hate men. Feminists do not believe women are better than men, or that women deserve special privileges. They do not believe women are victims.


The Difference Between Business and Busyness

We live in a society that glorifies busyness. We constantly need to be doing something and, thanks to our rapid proliferation of digital devices, we usually are


Anatomy of Web Content That's Read & Shared

You know engaging content is important. But no matter how often you update your website or post new blogs, nothing seems to increase traffic to your site.


How to Start a Side Hustle That Won't Break the Bank

Whatever your reason for doing so, there are many benefits to starting a side hustle. And now, thanks to the Internet, there are also many ways to do so.


How to Fall in Love With NYC

I felt about moving to New York City the way most do about marriage: hesitant yet hopeful.During my first few weeks living in the ‘City That Never Sleeps,’ I found myself doing just that — never sleeping. But not for lack of trying.


How to Effectively Brand Yourself Regardless of Budget

A brand isn’t something only large, well-known companies have. It is a necessity for any person or business — from freelancers to international e-commerce sites — to establish themselves as an authority in their industry.

VoloGlam Celebrity Idolism.png

America's Celebrity Idolism | October 2015

How we mistakes observation for participation.

VoloGlam It's Okay to Laugh.png

It's Okay To Laugh | September 2015

The role of comedy in an overly offended society.

VoloGlam The Ferguson Effect.png

The Ferguson Effect | June-July 2015

American media bias for entertainment over journalism.

VoloGlam Celebrity Idolism.png

Commitment-Phobia | May-June 2015

Are men actually wired differently?

VoloGlam It's Okay to Laugh.png

Signup, Post Meet... | November 2015

Are dating apps ruining our chance at real relationships?

VoloGlam The Ferguson Effect.png

Yes Means Yes | January 2015

What constitutes as consent shouldn't be confusing..


7 Ways To Convince People You're Artsy on Instagram

There’s no shame in trying to up your Instagram game. After all, if you’re going to do it at all, you might as well try to give it your best, right?


8 Yoga Moves To Help You Survive A Hangover

One of the best ways to get rid of a nasty hangover is to sweat it out. But that is, of course, way easier said than done. Fortunately, there are plenty of gentle, easy yoga moves you can do...

Lazy people.jpg

6 Things To Do If You're Skipping The Gym

Life’s busy. We’re in constant demand and, though we know our health is important, some days hitting the gym to get the bikini-model body isn’t our number one priority. And that’s okay..


Excelling at E-Commerce: Mistakes to Avoid

Shoppers today aren’t just interested in the fact that they can find products and services online. That’s a given, not a luxury. Now they also expect a seamless, easy shopping experience that includes a simple checkout process. 


It's Not Facebook, It's You: Social Media for Business

Today, some business owners insist Facebook and other social media platforms aren’t for them — that spending any time or money on social media advertising and marketing campaigns are a waste.


The Best Way to Make Money Selling Online

You don’t have to abandon your stable desk job to start making money online. (Honestly, you don’t even have to leave your house if you don’t want to.)